It has been 8 weeks since I finished work and we’re still in Perth adding final touches to the car. We originally intended to be out on the road by the end of March, however in typical fashion we have hit a number of small speedbumps and delays in the process of implementing our plans.

A friend calls this the ‘Grand Design Paradigm’ from the show Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud where all the fantastic DIY home construction projects generally take three time longer and cost twice as much for the budding home builders due to unforeseen delays and other surprises. Essentially that’s what we have also experienced over the past few months with our own grand design.  

The good news is that the Delica camper conversion is coming along nicely and we are now in the process of applying finishing touches. I have been taking photos of the project along the way and will be posting up articles of each section with more details shortly.