Please note that we are fully booked up until July 2017. However, if you are wanting to DIY a system based on our design, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the meantime or make a booking . Please contact us for more information.



Made and designed in Australia, our systems are the product of years of prototype designs, experimentation with various materials and techniques, and, most importantly, extensive real life road testing.

The final product is a custom, lightweight, hand made folding or fixed car camper and storage system to suit most small, medium and large wagons, SUV, 4WD and van vehicles.

Our custom camper systems are the ultimate stealth option to avoid excessive camping fees, get close to the action (e.g. surfing or hiking), sleep in after a party or festival, or just to use during long distance road trips without having to bother with setting up a tent every night.

Folding camper system

folding camper system for wagon in action folding camper system for wagon is action folding camper system for wagon folded out folding camper system for wagon folded out side view

  • The unique, lightweight  folding system fits in the boot area and can be installed/removed by a single person in less than a minute. Folds out or packs away in less than a minute
  • Sleeps two adults and folds back into boot retaining rear passenger seats, so a you do not lose any seating capacity
  • Due to raised platform design, plastic storage boxes up to 200mm high and camping gear and other equipment can be stored under the bedframe.
  • Essentially allows the user to convert most vehicles into a camper vehicle for spontaneous or occasional use
  • Popular vehicles that are suitable include (but not limited to):
    Small wagons such as Toyota Corolla, Ford Mondeo, Hyundai i30 CW, Mitsubishi Lancer
    Medium and large wagons, such as Subaru Outback, Liberty or Forester, Ford Falcon or Territory, Holden Commodore, Mitsubishi Magna, Challenger or Pajero, Mazda6, Toyota Landcruiser (wagon or troop carrier), Nissan Patrol and Pathfinder
    Vans such as Mitsubishi Delica, Starwagon and Express, Toyota HiAce, Hyundai iLoad and more.
  • Essentially any van or wagon shape vehicle will work. Rear seats do not have to fold flat, but the bottom part needs to be removable. Most vehicles allow for this.
  • Photos are of a small ’04 Toyota Corolla wagon which we made our MK3 prototype to suit.
  • Design is customisable to suit most vehicles with enough internal space (most compact hatchbacks, utility vehicles and sedans are not compatible)

Price: Approximately $350 + extras. Final price does depend on the vehicle (please contact to arrange a measurement and quote)

Fixed camper system

fixed frame camper system conversion van Toyota HiAce exterior view fixed frame camper system conversion van Toyota HiAce interior view

  • Full size, non folding, fixed frame design for semi-permanent installations into larger vehicles such as vans
  • Same durable, lightweight materials and assembly as the folding system
  • Allows easy access storage underneath the bedframe
  • Photos are of a classic 1989 Toyota HiAce Super Custom van
  • Design is customisable to suit any van or SUV/4WD vehicle
  • Fixed frame (non folding) system will require installation to the vehicle at our workshop (the vehicle will need to be left with us for a day for installation)

Price: Approximately $390 + extras. Final price does depend on the vehicle (please contact to arrange a measurement and quote)

Optional upgrades/extras:

  • Add $100 for a coating of high quality, low-odour varnish, or save the money and do it yourself
  • Add $100 for a solid boot floor and rear fold out benchtop (wagon)
  • Add $275 for a solid floor for a van (level floored vans only – must be glued down permanently)
  • Add $40 for delivery for the compact folding system anywhere within the Tweed, Byron, or Lismore Shires. Pickup is also OK.

Storage cabinets, shelves and heavy duty, full extension storage drawers are available on demand. Costs vary depending on the size and carrying loads.

Please contact us for a quote and to discuss you needs.



  • All materials are reusable or recyclable. Modular design means it is easy to modify and fit to other vehicles if needed. We use Ecoply structural plywood which is certified sustainably grown and sourced.
  • Vehicles with LPG systems may not be suitable due to the tank or tyre stored in the boot. Please contact with a photo to check
  • Mattress (as shown in photos) is not included. However, I will provide the dimensions, price, and location where to purchase from a foam specialist
  • These systems are completely custom and made to order. General lead time is two weeks to construct once measurements have been taken
  • I’ll need your vehicle for an hour at the start to discuss the design, take measurements, make the custom design, and provide a quote

These systems are fully customisable to suit your needs.

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