Atacama desert Chile drive to Arica

Simultaneously oppressive, terrifying, beautiful and spectacular.   Aside from the lush, rugged regions to the south of Santiago, Chile is generally a harsh, barren country. We knew this before we arrived. Karl had spent unknown hours scoring virtual maps marking out potential surf breaks and spots to camp for the night. Despite all this preliminary research and experience in the harsh

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If you are in the process of planning and designing a mobile home (including campervans) you will be all too familiar with the often overwhelming amount of advice, options, gadgets, gizmos and other so-called ‘must-haves’. Here at Comfortably Lost HQ we are all too familiar with information overload and ‘paralysis by analysis’. We’ve designed and built a number of camper

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beach bogged

It was late afternoon at the beach just metres from our campsite. We had been trying, unsuccessfully, to catch a fish for dinner for the past couple of hours as the surf was flat and the late-autumn weather was far too pleasant to not be outside enjoying our surroundings. Jahla’s initial enthusiasm for fishing had quickly diminished as she faced

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Toyota Corolla wagon camper conversion exterior view

So, we’ve decided to stay in one place for a year or two to save money and plan for our next major road trip. The Delica campervan, as awesome as it is, was simply becoming a big burning hole in our pocket as our driving changed from infrequent highway cruising and bush camping, to more frequent short-medium distance local driving

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1 finished Montero Sport camper conversion

UPDATE: We recently created a new wagon camper conversion back in Australia using lighter and stronger materials. We are also offering custom camper systems, click here to see prices and info. We recently spent four months travelling around Chile and Bolivia in a custom converted Mitsubishi Montero Sport (aka Mitsubishi Challenger in Australia, Pajero Sport in Europe, Strada G-Wagon in

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November 2, 2015


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road ahead

The Great Ocean Road was the first ‘tourist trap’ that we’d encountered since spending the Easter break in Esperance region of Western Australia some five weeks earlier. Between locations was some 3000km of travel, mostly featuring barren, windswept desert and isolated plains. By day two of our journey along one of the great Australian tourist meccas, the initial novelty of

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montero sport washed

Many people living and travelling with a van or other camper vehicle are keen action sports enthusiasts. Surfing, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and so on. Surfing, in all it’s forms and crafts, is almost a national sport in Australia and one that is the core pursuit for many vanlifers around the world. ButAs nice as it is to

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go surfing drop knee

One of the first things people ask us when the topic of our travels comes up is how we can live without a daily or twice-a-day warm shower. It’s strange to imagine for some people, but the reality is that unless you’re running marathons every morning, it really isn’t necessary to shower as frequently as most do and still stay

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Post hole shovel for beach recovery

A topic of conversation that often comes up when talking about off-road touring with fellow travellers is what 4WD and recovery equipment to bring with you on short and extended trips where you will be encountering a wide variety of terrain on the way to the next secluded camp spot. We’re definitely not hard-core off 4WD enthusiasts. Actually, we avoid

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